Sebastian Østgaard

If Only Pigs Were Chickens

If only pigs were chickens was the start of a new universe and communication for the organisation Dyrenes Beskyttelse/Animal Welfare Society.

The Problem is that conventional pigs, and the mistreatment of them, was not known to the wide public of Denmark. Earlier, a campaign had huge success when trying to save caged chickens and the welfare of those.

The Solution, A pigs hope for a better life, by imitating a chicken in order to save itself. By showing this pig posing in an abnormal way, it gained a lot of awareness and debate.

done w/ Sune Overby

Awarded with:

Creative Circle Awards, Craft - Illustration (Silver)

Lürzers Archive Published (Issue 4, 2018)

Danish Digital Awards 2018, PR (Shortlist)

PR-Tigeren, Best PR for organisation (Shortlist)